Nutrition at Traact.

The no nonsense, easy to follow and proven way to Traact your nutrition bespoke to your needs

What are macros

Calories made up of  macronutrients,
these “macros”  are better known as protein, carbs and fats.
Each of these equate to the following in calories

Why are macros important?

You may lose weight on a calorie counting diet, but you won’t change body composition (increase lean muscle and reduce body fat) unless you are actually counting the macro breakdown of you’re daily calories.

This is why we are different.



Macro control

Counting Macros and calories

Counting macros and calories can be very confusing for some people! Traact takes the hassle out of that for you. When you have signed up we assign you a bespoke set of macronutrients in accordence to your training and lifestyle.

More than a diet

Unlike calorie controlled diets where the scales are so important, when you work with Traact, your body composition will change although the scales may not! And, our expertise for those who have a weigh-in for a competition and rehydration process to follow our methods are extemely beneficial for optimizing performance and athlete proven.

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