Success Stories

“Having worked with the guys from Traact Nutrition for the last year I cannot understate what a difference their dietary advice and meal plans have made to my training, being better fuelled for the races has given me performance gains and recovery which I had not thought possible purely from my diet”.  Dave Jackson

Along my fitness journey I was introduced to Traact Nutrition. This is a specialist platform designed to provide dietary advice to professional athletes. I was devised a tailored diet plan to help me to achieve my goals and to step on stage in the best shape of my life. Emoke

“I have been using traact nutrition to help me make weight and refuel for my boxing bouts.

My body has been transformed.
I made weight with ease and the refuel enabled me to perform at my best.
I highly recommend using traact nutrition.
They are very professional and have answered any questions or queries I have had personally”. Tom Churchill

Fiona after 6 months of using the Traact App has lost 2.5 stone.

“My skin is better, I’m not bloated anymore and I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I can honestly say this hasn’t felt like a diet – I’m getting the nutrition my body needs and the food is tasty. My weight loss was purely down to the app and changing my approach to food”.


Paula, aged 57, since starting Traact has lost 14.8kgs (32.6lbs)! in 4 months. 

‘’ I found the app was extremely easy to use, and the meal options are delicious, I’m sleeping better, I’m feeling more confident in my own skin and I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes!’’

Some of our Athletes